Waqfe Nau Evaluation Day

The blessed scheme of Waqfe Nau was started on April 3, 1987 by Syedna Hadhrat Khalifatul
Masih IVrh. In reference to this date, every year we hold Waqfe Nau Evaluation Day.
This year Waqfe Nau department has suggested in the National Calendar of events, Saturday, April 02, 2016 being dedicated as “Waqfe Nau Evaluation/ Parent Day”. This is to refresh and improve upon the awareness of the blessings of Waqfe Nau and the benefits of joining in this scheme.

A few suggestions on the topics of speeches/presentation by Waqifeen & Waqfe Nau Parents are as follows:
Speeches by Parents:
1. Higher religious education at Jamia Ahmadiyya; a priority career choice
2. Waqfe Nau Syllabus for 18 years of age & above and the responsibilities of parents
4. Reasons for dedicating our children
5. Challenges faced today in raising a Waqfe Nau child and the solutions
6. How to instill the spirit of devotion – Waqf in our children

Speeches by Waqifeen:
1. Jamia Ahmadiyya; my priority career choice
2. Importance of REDEDICATION
3. What do we understand about Waqfe Nau Scheme?
4. How should we inculcate, improve and excel the spirit of Waqf in ourselves
5. The challenges faced today in the material world
6. Highlights of Hudhur's Khutba Juma of January 18, 2013 and our responsibilities

In addition, it is requested that the Waqifeene Nau should provide an update on their bio- data, review of their academic achievements and health records to their local secretaries, and also their career inspirations and choices.

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