Career Development and Re dedication

So, you’ve contemplated and prayed about dedicating your life to Islam Ahmadiyya, fulfilling desire of your parents.With full control of your mind and spirit, you are ready to make the big step to say to your beloved Khalifa, “Labaik.” (“Hear I am.”)

If that’s you, please fill out this form and submit to your local Jama’at Waqfe Nau Secretary.
Download Waqfe Nau Re-Dedication Form

Now see below for what you should do next:

High School Students:

During your high school years, you should be focused on excelling in your education and aiming to get into the best school as possible. To get you started, take a look at the universal college application, even if you are in 9th grade.

Universal College Application:

The Common Application:

College Students:

During college, you should continue to be focused on excelling in your education. However, your focus should be towards what is career is best for you and landing the best job upon graduation. This will
require you to build your brand and expertise, year after year.

Build your online brand and presence using LinkedIn:

Post College:

Once you have completed your education and have started your career, please notify your local Waqfe Nau Department using this form:
Download Profession Form

Professional Particular Form (International) for Waqfeen who have completed their education:
Waqfe Nau Post-Graduation Professional Particulars

Contact Information:

For questions regarding Rededication, please contact Mahmood Hanif, 201-838-9338,

For questions regarding Career Planning, please contact Rizwan Alladin, 516-302-6604,

Available for download: (may use right-click, Save as)