Waqfe Nau Evaluation Day 2021

The blessed scheme of Waqfe Nau was announced and established in his Friday sermon of April 3, 1987 by our beloved Imam Syedna Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh. With reference to this date, every year National Waqfe Nau Department USA requires to hold “Waqfe Nau Evaluation & Parents’ Day” in every local Jama’at. This year Waqfe Nau department has suggested in the National Calendar of events, Saturday, June 6, 2020 being dedicated as “Waqfe Nau Evaluation & Parents’ Day”. Although the suggested date for this important event is Saturday April 13 for this year but any convenient date can be picked for maximum attendance and benefit of the participants.

This event is to refresh and improve upon the awareness of the blessings of Waqfe Nau and the benefits of joining in this scheme. On this day the yearly record of each Waqfe Nau is updated in National Waqfe Nau Database and REDEDICATION of age 15 and above is expected from all those who turn 15 during the past year.

It is requested that the Waqifeene Nau should provide following updates to local Secretaries:

Update their Tajneed (Change of Home address, Phone and Email address etc.)
Review and provide update of their academic achievements by updating the National database.

15 and above Waqfeene Nau fill out re dedication form: >> WaqfeNau.Re-DedicationForm.International

Those Waqfeen have completed their education and have started their career, please notify your local Waqfe Nau Department using this form: Professional Particular Form: >> WaqfeNau-post-graduation-professional particulars

Instructions to Local Secretaries:

  • Assign people to help in the following areas:
  • Set up computers to update the Tajneed into the National database.
  • Print all the forms mention above and display on the table for Waqfeen and Parents to fill out.

Arrange indoor or outdoor games depending on the season and weather.

Few topics of speeches/presentation by Waqifeen & Waqfe Nau Parents are as follows:

Speeches by Parents:

  • Upbringing of Waqf-e- Nau
  • Waqfe Nau Syllabus for 18 years of age & above and the responsibilities of parents 4. Reasons for dedicating our children
  • Challenges faced today in raising a Waqfe Nau child and the solutions
  • How to instill the spirit of devotion – Waqf in our children
  • In light of Hudhur’s Khutba Juma of October 28, 2016 and our responsibilities as a Parent

Speeches by Waqifeen:

  • System of Wasiyyat
  • Jamia Ahmadiyya; my priority career choice
  • Importance of REDEDICATION
  • Modesty & Purdah-Strength of a Waqifa
  • How should we inculcate, improve and excel the spirit of Waqf in ourselves
  • Trip to Jamia Canada- Experience and Thoughts
  • In light of Hudhur’s Khutba Juma of October 28, 2016 and our responsibilities
Waqfe Nau Evaluation & Parents Day_2020